Our approach

Investment criteria

 Use our proven criteria to acquire platform companies with both organic & inorganic growth opportunities. We target companies with $2m-$8m in EBITDA with a history of profitability

Industry focus

We target companies in industries with fragmented markets, such as Business Services, Distribution and Logistics, and Light Manufacturing / Processing

Partnership approach

We invest in capable and passionate owners seeking a partner to help grow the business. While collaborating with our partners we will grow our platform companies with add-ons

Ongoing oversight

 A Board is established to ensure post-merger integration and achievement of growth

Our position

Etana's focus is on the Canadian lower mid-market: we value partnership with owners, we create an atmosphere of collaboration and support to help take our partners to the next level of their growth.


Our partnering approach with business owners is an important part of our investment thesis. Owners like our approach and have a vested interest in success because:

  • We take a long term view when acquiring a company; this is less disruptive to employees, customers and other stakeholders and provides a path for continuity of the business until the owner’s full retirement and beyond.
  • Our deals are structured with prudent leverage, this ensures a financial cushion as well as an effective risk management tool during challenging periods.
  • Our business partners retain a meaningful minority in the business, diversifying their personal wealth, allowing for additional risk, while keeping interests aligned for optimal performance. 
  • Our process includes removing mundane tasks usually left to the business owners to allow them to focus on executing growth plans. Our business partners will continue to manage day-to-day operations.